A Well Founded Fear

7 01 2009

There was a film a few weeks ago on SBS Australia. I missed it – was working. I am planning to get it though because everyone is talking about it. It exposes the plight of some of the asylum-seekers who were rejected refugee status by the Howard Government.

“Every year, thousands of people flee their homelands to escape war and persecution. The people who make it to Australia end up in detention centres while their claims for asylum are processed. This can take months, if not years and can lead to a sense of profound uncertainty. The Australian Government eventually sends back asylum seekers it doesn’t think are refugees, and who can’t prove they have “a well-founded fear” for their safety. This documentary follows the work of a small group of committed Australians who have made it their mission to find the asylum seekers Australia has rejected. For five years, Phil Glendenning has been travelling the globe in search of rejected asylum seekers. To date he and his colleagues from the small social justice agency he runs have tracked down over 250 returnees in 22 countries. And what they’ve found is truly disturbing.”


A Well Founded Fear will be available on DVD in a few weeks. Check out the people behind the project:


and I think you can purchase it from this place

What do YOU think about refugees and how governments of developed countries treat them these days?




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8 01 2009
A possie in Aussie

[…] blogger at Roadside Assistance says it will be available on DVD shortly, and in the meantime we can visit the Well Founded Fear […]

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